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Be careful with each other, these fragile flames...

For innocence can't be lost, it just needs to be maintained.

Liliana Rudabet Gloria Elsveta Sobieski
10 June
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My exsistence is as simple and regular as anyone. One day I was just a small child in an Upper West Side Day School, the next day I being recruited for movies. Sometimes acting is a wonderful blessing. It's exciting and artistically satisfying and then there are times when it's just work. When it's just another job.



"Liaisons dangereuses, Les" (2003) (TV)Cécile de Volanges

Max (2002/I) Liselore Von Peltz

Idole, L' (2002) Sarah Silver
- aka Idol, The (2002) (International: English title)

Uprising (2001) (TV) Tosia Altman

Glass House, The (2001/I) Ruby Baker

Joy Ride (2001) Venna
- aka Roadkill (2002/II) (Australia) (UK)

My First Mister (2001) Jennifer ('J')

Here on Earth (2000) Samantha 'Sam' Cavanaugh

Eyes Wide Shut (1999) Milich's Daughter
- aka EWS (1999) (USA: promotional abbreviation)

Joan of Arc (1999/I) (TV) Joan D'Arc
- aka Jeanne d'Arc (1999/II) (TV) (Canada: French title)

Never Been Kissed (1999) Aldys Martin

A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries, (1998) 'Channe' Willis, Age 14
- aka Fille d'un soldat ne pleure jamais, La (1998) (France)

Deep Impact (1998) Sarah Hotchner Beiderman

Jungle 2 Jungle (1997) Karen Kempster
- aka Un Indien à New York (1998) (France)

Charlie Grace (1995) (TV) Jenny Grace

Horse for Danny, A (1995) (TV) Danny

Reunion (1994/I) (TV) Anna Yates